33946_10151706971030368_539318262_n1My name is Katie Chykirda. I am a graduate student studying elementary education at Marymount University (MU) through the Professional Development Schools (PDS) program. In addition to being a student, I am a Sunday school teacher and the Sunday school coordinator at Church of the Resurrection in Alexandria, VA.

I am originally from Connecticut. I attended Central Connecticut State University as an undergraduate where I majored in history with a concentration in medieval history and minored in political science. I then went on to earn my first graduate degree from Holy Apostles College and Seminary where I studied Theology with a concentration in Catholic church history.

Though I had originally planned on continuing my graduate studies in medieval history to become a medieval history professor, I decided, after graduating from Holy Apostles, that I really wanted to teach at the elementary level. Immediately after relocating to the DC Metro area for my husband’s career, I began looking into area M.Ed. program requirements. I spent two years completing prerequisites before applying to MU.

When not learning about teaching or practicing teaching methods in my Sunday school classroom, I enjoy hanging out with my husband, reading, baking, gardening, and exploring outdoors. I can also be found frequenting the local farmer’s markets early Saturday mornings.


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