Flipping a second grade classroom

One of the assignments for this class was to create either a podcast or a flipped classroom lesson. Since I had chosen second grade science, I thought about the different ways in which I could flip the class. While many teachers like to have their students watch a lecture at home, I was wary about doing that with a second grade class. It’s not that I do not think they could handle it – most definitely, I think they could. In fact, I think that watching a video and responding to a question for homework would be fun for many students. My caution came at the idea of losing out on a opportunity to have extra reading time with my students.

Therefore, I decided to flip my classroom using a podcast. My students would listen to a recording of me reading a book while they followed along with the actual book, pausing to interject questions, remind them to flip pages, or point out something in the pictures. They would then complete an online form associated with the book. I thought this approach would be very helpful, especially, for the students who need a little extra time having someone read to them. Further, this could be easily differentiated as different forms could be created for different students, and even different recordings allowing for different levels of scaffolding could be done as well.

The book I read was Wetlands by Lynn M. Stone. The online form I created can be viewed here:


Stone, L.M. Wetlands: Biomes of North America. Vero Beach, FL: Rourke Publishing, Inc.


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