Technology: Student v. Schools

For class this week, I read the article “Schools and Students Class Over Use of Technology” by Kristina Schwartz of Mindshift. The article addressed the issue of hesitant schools and their students who want to use technology and their own devices for learning. This article discussed how students and their parent are worried that they will not get the technological skills needed for their futures, while the schools are worried about the appropriateness of using devices in learning.

I thought this was a very good article that addressed a very real issue that schools are facing today regarding technology. As much as I am a supporter of the use of technology in schools, I also agree that technology needs to be used appropriately. The article stated that most people use their mobile devices to access the internet and social media. While this may be, I ask that if 21st Century skills include technological skills, then isn’t it the responsibility of schools to educate student on proper use and wide application of technology? And isn’t it the responsibility of the schools to come up with user guidelines and decide protocol for when rules are broken?

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I know that change can be scary, and I agree that allowing students to bring devices into class that could potentially distract them even more can feel very risky, but if technological skills are needed for our students to be successful as adults, then I am absolutely supportive of having technology in my classroom, providing my students follow the rules established for proper use. I feel these technological skills are not only important hard skills for success, but I also believe that learning how to communicate via technology will be a very important soft skill needed for future success.

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