Being Social

This week we were asked to explore new social media platforms to expand our networking experiences so that we can begin building a network of resources. Since I already use Facebook for keeping in touch with friends and family and Pinterest for finding project ideas of all kinds, I decided to join a social networking site that I had until now been avoiding. This week I joined Twitter.

Capturefacebook_logoI had been previously avoiding Twitter simply because I felt Facebook was enough for me to over-share with people I knew and did not think I needed another platform that would allow me to over-share with the world. It was not until the video we saw in class that outlined specific ways in which I could use Twitter to network with fellow educators that my mind was changed. I want to be able to follow other educators’ feeds to find new techniques to use in the classroom and I hope that as I learn new techniques that I can be likewise helpful to others too. This will help me to connect professionally with other educators with whom I could collaborate and from whom learn. I do not particularly plan to use Twitter for personal endeavors, but then again I did not think I would have a Twitter account, so….

When cTwitter_Logo_Voltreating my Twitter account I decided to go with something easy and made my Twitter handle @kchykirda. I look forward to expanding my horizons and giving Twitter a chance. Updates on this new adventure to come soon.


5 thoughts on “Being Social

  1. I’m using Twitter as well and have found some great resources via my twitter followers and educational articles I wouldn’t have found unless I was on Twitter!

  2. I ended up choosing Pinterest for my social learning site, but after reading your convincing post, I might have to give Twitter a try too! Thanks for sharing!

  3. This last year I created a twitter account for students and parents to follow. I used the account to post daily homework assignments, reminders of tests/quizzes. I did not follow any students and also followed a couple of History related accounts. This year I’ll be using a service called Remind101 which allows you to text students without knowing their phone numbers. I’m also creating a wiki for each of my classes and looking for a way to at least occasionally flip my classroom.

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